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We are the first ones to introduce international dancewear products formally in India under Fitness & Fairies Dancewear Pvt. Ltd. We have been catering to discerning dancewear customers in India since 2008. We are distributors of dancewear products for brands, Sansha from France, Capezio from USA and Dansez from the UK among other international dance brands. We are specialists in class and exam wear for ballet conforming to various international examination boards such as ISTD, RAD and CSTD. 

Our flagship store is in Bangalore, and we ship nationally to all locations in India. Our products include leotards, pointe shoes, ballet shoes, tights, skirts, warmup gear and various accessories for ballet. For Salsa, Jazz, Bollywood and social dancing, we have practice/beginners shoes for studio and stage. We also custom-make costumes for ballet productions and have the capacity and capability to make hundreds of costumes on time and budget for school recitals and annual dance productions. 

Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop for all western dancewear in India.


We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution – Bill Hicks

Over the past decade and more as we have seen the market for ballet dancewear and ballet in general grow from very few institutes in India to now several schools and studios offering ballet across the nation some things have changed for us. 

Professional dance programmes offerings in India have increased with some universities offering structured programmes  on dance. Considerable number of students are now venturing out of India chasing their dreams of professional dance programmes and making a mark in the field of dance. We always believed that India has an abundance of talent and dedication required to make it in the world of dance. What we as a country can improve upon is attracting enough technical experts and teachers in the field of western dance and providing necessary financial support for training , infrastructure and ample opportunities to perform and weaving that into the social fabric of the society , that appreciates and supports all initiatives in dance. 

Our vision has expanded to spread the love and joy of dance, supporting teachers, dance studios by sharing our knowledge of running successful businesses in the dance field and facilitating connections between aspiring dancers, students , teachers and performing artists in India and abroad. 

At Fitness & Fairies , now it is more than just quality dancewear. 


Devang Bhanushali

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