Uniform for The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet 

The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet maintains a uniform dress code for all ballet and jazz classes. Please refer to the following guidelines for choosing the right uniform.

Note: Fitness & Fairies works with dance schools across the country to provide high quality, durable dancewear. We understand that uniforms for dance are not just about how they look but more about how they perform , function and assist in training.We provide only original products from some of the best dancewear companies around the world and have been doing so for the past 13 years.


Ballet Uniform for Girls

Grades: Pre-primary, Primary, Grade 1
Uniform consists of :
  • Ballet pink leotard
  • Ballet pink skirt
  • Ballet tights in pink
  • Satin ballet shoes in pink

Grades: Grade 2 and above
Uniform consists of :
  • Ballet black leotard
  • Ballet black skirt (optional)
  • Ballet tights in pink
  • Canvas ballet shoes in pink
  • Pointe shoe depending on the grade

Junior Jazz Uniform for Girls
Uniform consists of :
  • Well fitted comfortable top
  • Black dance shorts
  • Black soft-soled jazz dance shoes
Ballet Uniform for Boys/Men
Grades: All
Uniform consists of :
  • Well fitted t-shirt in white
  • Black Tights
  • White socks
  • Black ballet shoes

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